Liqid Composable Infrastructure:

Transform Statistic Architecture into a Dynamic Center with Just a Few Clicks

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Award-Winning Technology

Transform Your Data Center

Liqid’s software disaggregates the server components in your datacenter– CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe, Intel® Optane memory technology, and NICs– and places them into resource pools. Our intuitive GUI, REST API, or CLI enables an end user to create servers in seconds from those resource pools to deploy applications on-demand.

There’s no need to physically reconfigure servers, manually add additional devices, or overprovision expensive hardware to support heavy workloads. Just connect, click, and compose a bare-metal server on-the-fly.

How Do You Compose With Liqid?


Connect Servers and Disaggregated Resources to Liqid Fabric


Compose Bare-matal Servers via Software in Seconds


Scale Servers and Recompose Resources On-The-Fly

Benefits of Liqid Composable Infrastructure

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Meet Exacting IT Demands in Real-time

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Improve IT Agility

Quickly Accommodate Changing Needs

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Liqid Use Cases

Our customers deploy Liqid’s composable infrastructure solutions for:

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Liqid Use Cases

Our customers deploy Liqid’s composable infrastructure solutions for:


The Liqid Powered platform delivers an all-solid-state composable vSAN solution bundle that leverages NVMe SSD and Intel® Optane memory technology for hyperconverged and virtualized environments.

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Manage uneven AI workloads from data ingest to analytics. You define policies, while software automates the storage, compute, networking nodes on your server to consistently provide the functionality your applications need.

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Dynamic Cloud

Whether you need on-prem flexibility of the cloud or an edge in the competitive cloud services marketplace, Liqid offers the dynamic resource allocation needed to move resources to your application, as required.

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5G Edge

Reduce your hardware footprint and manage remote resources through software, reducing the maintenance and IT labor for edge deployments.

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Media & Entertainment

Liqid compostable NVMe accelerator solutions are helping drive needed efficiencies, increased productivity and reducing time to market for 4K+ episodic television, feature films, independent productions, video game and virtual reality applications, and more.

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Liqid Composable Infrastructure Products

Liqid Command Center

Liqid’s Command Center software disaggregates the data center’s server components –CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe Intel® Optane memory, and NICs–and places them into resource pools for deployment across intelligent fabric.

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Liqid Grid LQD9348 PCIe Gen 3 Fabric Switch

The Liqid GRID is an intelligent multi-fabric switch where Liqid Command Center software resides.

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Liqid HBA LQD1316 PCIe Gen 3 Host Bus Adapter

The Liqid HBA connects vendor-agnostic Liqid GRID composable switching technologies and Command Center software to the server motherboard via Gen 3 PCI-Express for unprecedented infrastructure adaptivity.

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Liqid’s High-Powered High-Capacity Composable Drives

Element LQD3000

The Liqid Gen 3 Elements LQD3000 1.25M IOPs and 7GB/s

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Elements LQD3900

This Gen 3 Liqid and Intel® OptaneTM Add-In-Card (AIC) SSD delivers 1.6M IOPs and 7GB/s

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Element LQD4500

The Liqid Gen 4 Element LQD4500: 4M IOPs and 24GB/s

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